Things To Know Before Buying a New Motorcycle

Things To Know Before Buying a New Motorcycle

We’re glad to know that you’ve finally chosen to treat yourself to a new motorcycle. You need to rest assured that we’re here to help you to buy a new motorcycle that suits your needs and avoid to make unnecessary expenses. Some people see a motorcycle just as an effective means of transport whereas for some people a motorcycle is relative to their meaning of freedom and joy. Now let’s get straight to the facts.


If you’re an experienced motorcycle who know how to handle all that power your motorcycle is pumping, then you can go for a motorcycle with high CC engines above 300cc. There are riders out there who are quite experienced but afraid to travel at faster speeds and make those bending curves; for such types of riders a motorcycle with higher CC engine is totally unnecessary. Based on the experience, handling and motive behind driving a motorcycle, the engine capacity should be chosen in this order 200/250cc-500/600cc-1000cc or above.

Location / Purpose of Riding

Most of the times you can guess the type of bike you want by assessing the purpose you want it for and the locality you are going to ride it in. You cannot drive a street bike on a dirt oriented terrain and you cannot drive a dirt bike on general purpose roads. Suppose you want a bike that can take you from your home to your office and back, you wouldn’t want a 600cc bike for that. It will be a complete waste of money as you will never be able to utilise its full power in your locality.