The Best Motorcycle Riding Gear For Long Rides

The Best Motorcycle Riding Gear For Long Rides

One of the best ways to spend a weekend is by going for a long distance motorcycle ride. We can understand the degree of freedom a ride brings to a person when you’re feeling the wind in your hairs and the scenery that you’re watching looks as it has only been kept there for you. It is all good as long as you don’t compromise your safety. You should make a list of all the essential items especially the long distance riding gear that you’ll need before you hit the road. Let’s help you go through the list.


Never forget to wear a helmet when you are about to go out for a motorcycle ride. Remember to buy a helmet which keeps your head safe and always buy a high-quality helmet without thinking about the cost. The safety of your body is above everything when it comes to riding a motorcycle which is otherwise the riskiest motored vehicle.

Riding Jacket

The second most important thing that you should be putting on is a riding jacket. If you’re wearing an ordinary leather jacket, it doesn’t qualify by any means as a riding jacket. A riding jacket is specially designed to keep your body safe if you meet with an accident and protect you from the impact injuries and abrasions.


A huge variety of riding gloves is available in the market some of which are just a piece of fancy leather whereas some of them actually are armoured to protect you from abrasions. Never go by the looks of gloves, instead look for gloves which are manufactured from high-quality material and is armoured enough to protect you.

Knee Pads or Armoured Pants

This type of riding equipment protects your knees and legs against impact injuries, fractures and abrasions. If you don’t want to buy any of these, you should at least wear leather pants or thick jeans and fit them with knee caps and shin guards, since jeans or leather alone isn’t going to save you.

Back Protector

The back protector is often taken for granted but it actually protects the most sophisticated part of your body next to your brain. If you want to keep your spinal cord intact and think about riding a bike again after meeting with an accident, you should definitely consider making use of a back protector for long distance rides.

The items mentioned above are mandatory ones and you can also choose to add optional items to the list as well. The essential optional items being a first aid kit, ample water supply, license ID, tent, food supply, sunscreen, flashlight, sleeping bag, rain gear, etc. The packing should be done as per your riding plans like the distance you are planning to travel and everything else.