The Right Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

The Right Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

It is essential to keep your motorcycle shiny and healthy and we can give you more than a hundred reasons to do that. We often take care of our motorcycle for the first few months or for a full year but after that, we take the condition of our motorcycle for granted. It is totally wrong and can land you in a big trouble in many unexpected ways and you won’t be getting any good returns either if you wished to sell it in a detrimental condition. That’s why we’re here to tell you a few basic motorcycle maintenance tips that you should regularly follow in order to keep your motorcycle in good condition and health.

Tyre Inspection

Make a regular routine of checking the air pressure of your motorcycle tyres and also check the tyres for any cuts or scrapes. Always make sure that the air pressure of tyres is synchronous with what the bike manufacturer recommends. Besides that, regularly make sure to check that wheels are well-aligned and balanced.

Engine Oil

If you want the engine of your bike to last long and provide you with a good mileage, you would definitely want to regularly check and maintain the engine oil level in your motorcycle. You should also check if there are any leakages. If you won’t change and maintain engine oil regularly, the engine of your motorcycle is not going to last long.

Keep The Air Filter Clean

You should regularly clean the air filter of your motorcycle and if you are travelling in extremely dusty conditions, you will need to clean it more frequently.

Cleaning The Body

In order to maintain the shiny and new charm of your motorcycle, make sure to clean its body regularly. You should avoid parking the motorcycle in open sunlight as it can make the colours of your bike dull. You also need to make sure that all the electronic ports are well-covered before cleaning the motorcycle.

Engine And Transmission System

You should always take good care of your motorcycle engine. Keep all the parts of your motorcycle engine clean such as carburetor, valves, etc. It will keep your engine running efficiently and will give you a good mileage. Likewise, the transmission system needs to be kept clean as well. Remember to grease the chains regularly and never use water to clean the chains.