New vs Used Motorcycles

New vs Used Motorcycles

When it’s time to get into the motorcycle market, the dilemma comes in when deciding whether to buy a new or used motorcycle. According to recent trends, both markets are doing well. In this article, find out what’s the best option and why.

New Motorcycles

It’s every rider’s dream to get that brand new motorcycle. But then, they come at a hefty price. The advantage of new motorcycles is that they are in tip-top condition. The suspension, engine, and exterior are all new. Also, new motorbikes are efficient and have minimal maintenance costs. Another advantage of buying a new motorcycle is that there are many financing options and a wide variety of readily available models and variants to choose from. Lastly, new motorcycles have the latest features and technology.

But on the downside, a new motorcycle will set you back more money. The sales tax and insurance costs are also higher. Owners of new cars also take a bigger depreciation hit.

Used Motorcycles

The used motorcycles market is where motorcycle enthusiasts can get some of the best bikes at affordable prices. For example, while the latest Suzuki Hayabusa will set you back around £12,000, its 2015 model can go for half the price. Another benefit of buying used motorcycles is that the insurance costs and sales tax are lower. Lastly, a used motorcycle buyer takes the least depreciation.

But then, there are a few disadvantages that buyers need to be aware of. First, it is not a guarantee that a used motorcycle will give you service. It may have a problem, and that’s why it’s being sold. It’s also hard to get financing options for a used motorcycle, and the available options are limited. Lastly, a used motorcycle’s maintenance is more expensive.

There you have it, folks, everything there is to know about buying new motorcycles vs used motorcycles.